may be we are dreaming

 ...immediately launched the issue of Time and its concept associating with dream projection and capability of forecasting in general and specific prespective;of course limmitng me not to enter in any metaphysical and non-scientific areas .You can easily understand that what gonna happen . If someone be familiar with research methodology and limitation in human science in terms of uncontrollable variables, population and interferences, he can imagine that what gonna be the outcome.

 Dream is not related to experimental science, although physiologists have recently found lot's of things on physiological behaviors of the man's brain during dreaming especial in the REM phase and psychologist   through utilization of Electroencephalography. I mean if somebody is going to  speak about dream and its interpretation ,experimental or quasi-experimental  can not explain all parts of the issue .So there is no way out to consider a wide range of variables and elements such as culture,  sub culture ,Myth, folklore ,religion, metaphysics , parapsychology and etc. which can not be dealt with in scientific perspective. So if we would like to have a comprehensive survey on Dream we should take all angels into consideration rather the only experimental one. I am reminding one of my students statement who some day said

 "…may be we are dreaming when we are awake and dream world would a real one in which we are totally awake…".<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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M H Daryaei


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